Boot + Binding Guide

Choosing the right snowboard boots + bindings

Finding the right boots

We believe that comfort starts at the feet and that getting a pair of boots that fit well, and are comfortable, will have a massive effect on how you progress and your overall enjoyment on the mountain. This is the most important piece of kit you’ll buy and one worth taking time over, so it’s worth trying on a few pairs to get the exact fit. With over 27 years of boot fitting experience we have amassed the expertise to properly assess and select your perfect pair of boots!

Your Ability

The first step for our trained boot fitting staff is to discuss with you your ability and needs. It’s important here to give as much feedback on what level you are and your style of riding so that our staff can select the boot with the correct flex. It’s also worth mentioning here any good or bad experiences with any boots you’ve had in the past.

Foot Shape & Measurement

Next step is to sit you down and assess your foot shape. Different brands will fit differently so it’s important here to get your feet properly assessed and let the fit dictate what brand you buy. We will look at forefoot width, arches, instep height and foot length. It’s worth knowing at this stage that you’re looking for a snug fit and that you’re snowboard boots won’t fit like your trainers! This is also the stage where staff determine if any footbeds are beneficial to support your feet.

This in-depth foot analysis combined with your feedback on what kind of riding you enjoy will ensure our staff select the best pair of boots for you. Once this is done, if your boots are heat mouldable it’s time to heat your boots up and pop them back on for a few minutes depending on the brand. This can take up to 10 minutes but will ensure you get that broken in comfort before you even get on the mountain.

Boot Flex Rating

This season we’ve added a flex rating to our boots as a guide: 1 meaning soft and 10 being stiff. Softer boots are more forgiving so well suited to beginners or riders that like a softer flex for greater mobility. Stiffer boots offer more response and are well suited to more experienced riders looking for higher performance and support levels.

Choosing the right set of bindings


Your bindings act as the interface between you and your snowboard, and affect the transmission of power through your legs to your board. A stiffer binding will provide quicker reaction times and greater response, making them suitable for riders that like higher performance and ride hard and fast. A softer binding will be forgiving so more suitable for beginners or riders looking for more flexibility for park and freestyle riding. It’s important that your bindings match up well with your boots to achieve the best fit possible and greater efficiency. If in doubt our staff are on hand to take you through the most suitable binding for your boots and snowboard so you get the best set up possible.

est & the channel

EST bindings have been co-developed with Burton boards that feature the Channel system to benefit all aspects of riding. As well as unlimited stance set up you benefit from a closer connection to the board, improving board feel and agility. You also experience next level cushioning to make riding any terrain feel smooth, leaving you with more energy to ride harder for longer.