Goggle Buying Guide

Your Guide to Buying Goggles

Goggles offer improved definition and provide vital protection for your eyes and face in harsh conditions, so it is always advisable to carry a pair on the mountain. Our range includes a wide variety of differently sized and shaped frames, which should fit comfortably and snugly around the face.


Minimises the temperature difference of the inner and outer lenses, helping to prevent fogging. When moving, the vents pull air in to circulate between the lenses to clear them and prevent fogging.
OTG stands for "Over The Glasses". These are goggles designed specifically to fit over spectacles. The lens chamber is slightly larger to provide extra space without causing pressure on the face. The frame is channelled at the sides to allow the temples to sit against the head without pressure points. Treating your spectacles with an Anti Fog treatment can help to prevent them misting up inside the goggles.
Spherical Lens:
The curvature of the lens gives better optical clarity and an increased range of peripheral and downward vision.
Optical Inserts:
These frames can be taken to your optician to be glazed with your prescription (this is an additional cost and will vary depending on the strength of your prescription, please check the cost with your optician first). The insert then sits inside the frame of the goggle.
Helmet compatibility:
Unfortunately, not all goggles and helmets fit perfectly together, so it is worth either taking your helmet with you or choosing the two products at the same time. A poor fit could lead to impaired vision and a less comfortable fit around the face.


Adidas goggles have been developed for and with help from athletes, whose input drives the design innovations and is a huge effect on the final product. Vision, fit and durability are all focal points of the range to help you keep sight of your personal vision.
With their distinctive logo and frame designs Anon have made a quick style impact in the mountains. Packed with features to give riders what they need, Anon’s focus delivers tons of venting, superior fit and excellent optical clarity at fantastic value prices.
For more than 5 decades, Bollé has produced state-of-the art goggles and this season’s range achieves practical excellendce to deliver maximum clarity regardless of the conditions around you. Whatever the conditions, Bollé has a goggle and lens to suit.
Oakley is a long-standing name in the optics industry, well known for the production of authentic eye-wear that turns comfort and durability into style. By choosing an Oakley goggle you get the performance of a worldclass innovator and a great fit and feel.
Sinner produce great-looking goggles that don’t compromise on performance or looks, giving you high levels of protection against wind and snow, 100% UV protection and quality lenses so that whatever the conditions, your vision is clear.
Smith’s goal over the last 40+ years has been to drive technology and create goggles that are engineered to fit and perform perfectly every time. This selection boasts stylish and technologically advanced goggles so there’s no need to compromise.

Lens Information

Brand Lens Colour Light Conditions Lens Name Details
Adidas LST Silver Variable LST Silver A rose tinted lens with a refl ective mirror coating to reduce glare from bright light, the rose tint gives superb contrast and depth perception relaxing the eye and giving definition in varying light conditions.
Orange Mirror Variable Orange Mirror The mirror coating over an orange lens reflects bright sunlight reducing glare. The orange tint filters out blue light, enhancing shadow and giving increased definition.
Anon Blue Solex Bright/Sunny Blue Solex This dark bronze base lens tint with a multi-layer blue mirror cuts glare and reduces eye fatigue in super sunny conditions.
Silver Mirror Bright/Sunny Silver Mirror This mirrored lens reflects bright glare to offer optimal vision in bright, sunny conditions.
Green Solex Bright/Sunny Green Solex This dark bronze base lens tint with a multi-layer Green Mirror cuts glare and reduces eye fatigue in super sunny conditions.
Bolle Vermillion Gun Variable Persimmon A vermilion tinted lens is given a reflective mirror coating to cut glare in bright sunlight whilst the vermilion tint continues to increase definition and still provides low light contrast.
Modulator Vermillion Variable Modulator™ Vermillion This innovative award winning, light-sensitive lens changes lens tint density with the changing light conditions. The more UV the lens is exposed to, the darker the lens becomes. The vermilion tint also increases definition and depth perception across the varying tint densities. One lens for all conditions.
Citrus Gun Bright/Sunny Citrus Gun This excellent lens for brighter light has a citrus orange base tint to add contrast and depth perception in variable light and a mirror coating to cut glare in the brightest of conditions.
Oakley Persimmon Low/Flat Persimmon An excellent low to mid light lens, persimmon lenses filter out blue light to improve contrast and increase depth perception in varying light conditions for better definition.
VR50 Pink Iridium Low/Flat VR50 Pink Iridium This excellent low to mid light lens has a rose base tint to increase contrast and depth perception allowing the eye to focus on contours in the snow. An iridium coating helps to reduce glare in brighter conditions.
VR28 Variable VR28 This darker Vermilion Red lens is excellent in most light conditions. The rose tint gives superior contrast and shadow definition, while the darker red shade reduces glare in bright sunlight.
Blue Iridium Bright/Sunny Blue Iridium Balances the light and increases contrast for great vision. The Iridium coating reduces glare in bright conditions.
Black Iridium Bright/Sunny Black Iridium This superb brighter conditions lens has a persimmon base tint to add contrast and depth perception in lower light conditions, with a black iridium coating to cut glare in even the sunniest conditions.
Fire Iridium Bright/Sunny Fire Iridium A great lens for bright sunlight, the fi re effect coating refl ects all glare while the persimmon base tint of the lens continues to increase depth perception and improve contrast in lower light.
Sinner Orange Mirror Variable Orange Mirror An orange tinted lens is given a reflective mirror coating to cut glare in bright sunlight whilst the orange base tint increases defi nition and still provides low light contrast.
Smith Sensor Mirror Low/Flat Sensor Mirror A superb low light lens - the light rose base lens tint with multi-layer mirror gives maximum colour definition and increased depth perception in varying flat light and low light conditions.
RC36 Variable RC36 This versatile lens offers universal conditions performance. The combined rose and copper base tints increase depth perception and cut glare in all conditions.
Ignitor Mirror Variable Ignitor Mirror This new universal lens tint has been designed to reduce eye fatigue while enhancing contrast and depth perception. The mirror coating cuts glare in bright sunlight for all conditions high performance.
Green Sol-X Mirror Bright/Sunny Green Sol- X Mirror The dark brown base lens gives contrast with a multi-layer green mirror coating to reduce glare and eye fatigue in bright, sunny conditions.
Red Sol-X Mirror Bright/Sunny Red Sol- X Mirror The dark brown base lens gives contrast with a multi-layer red mirror coating to reduce glare and eye fatigue in bright, sunny conditions.