Size Charts: How to measure

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Clothing Measurement

Measure the neck circumference where a standard button type collar might be fastened.
Measure the chest circumference at the fullest point keeping the tape horizontal around the body.
Measure the waist circumference at the smallest part of the waist, often at or above the belly button, keeping the tape horizontal around the body.
Measure the hip circumference at the fullest part of the seat, keeping the tape horizontal around the body.
Sleeve Length
Measure the distance from the prominent bone at center back neck, across the shoulder, over the bent elbow to the center of the wrist bone.
Inseam to Floor
Measure the distance from the crotch point to the floor.

Glove Measurement

measure around your knuckles

Sizing and the type of measurement used varies between different brands so all of our gloves are converted into similar size ranges. The charts below indicate the appropriate size glove for your hand measurement. Measure around your palm in inches to find your hand size.

Helmet Measurement

Measure around your forehead

Sizing used varies between different brands so the charts below indicate the appropriate size helmet depending on the brand and your head size. Measure around your head in centimetres to find your head size.

Pack Measurement

It is vital that you buy a pack that fits you correctly as a poor-fitting pack can be very uncomfortable. Take the time to get it right - measure yourself carefully and don't hesitate to call our mail order team on 0845 100 1000 if you have questions.

Step 1 - Pack Sizing
All of the packs we range are available in multiple sizes to fit a range of torso lengths. To find your torso length, ask a friend to measure your back along the spine from the level of your iliac crest (the top of your hipbones) to your C7 (the knobbly bone at the base of your neck).
Step 2 - Hipbelt Sizing
Osprey CM Certified

To determine your hipbelt size measure around your hips, not your waist. A properly fitted hipbelt rides centered over the hipbones and needs to be very snug; after all it will be carrying the bulk of the pack's weight. The padded portion should wrap well around your hips, leaving a gap of 3 to 6 inches between the tips of the pads when securely tightened.

Osprey's BioForm and IsoForm hipbelts can be custom moulded at selected Snow + Rock stores - see our store pages for details. We take your exact measurements and then heat mould the hipbelt in one of our dedicated Osprey ovens to make sure that you get the perfect fit. If you buy your pack from, just take the pack and your receipt into one of our participating stores and staff can custom mould it for you free of charge.