Running Essentials

One of the keys to performing or training to the best of your ability is the comfort and convenience of the clothing that you wear and the kit you have. The items recommended below cover a broad spectrum of the kind of items that can make your training sessions more enjoyable.

Some of our stores offer a free gait analysis service. Using this service a member of our trained staff will take a digital video recording of you walking and/or running on a treadmill in-store. This footage will be carefully analysed to reveal your individual characteristics and find the perfect footwear for you. See our store pages for details.

Recommended Kit

Running T-Shirts

Our range of active t-shirts include those which utilise breathable fabric and mesh panels with integrated sun protection, moisture management properties and anti-odour/antibacterial treatments.

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Running Shorts

Our running shorts have features such as flat lock seams and seamless construction technology, which reduce the discomfort caused by rubbing.

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Road Shoes

As with most performance footwear, choosing the correct shoe can alter performance and determine the level of comfort and support provided. Our range features highly technical and exceptionally well designed running shoes that offer optimum levels of support and comfort for any runner.

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Trail Shoes

The trail running shoes featured in our range provide different levels of protection, durability, cushioning and breathability across a wide variety of terrain, such as wet grass, deep mud, rocks and scree. Designed to protect and support your feet, they deliver outstanding performance by using features such as unique sole units that have been designed with ascending and descending in mind.

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Running Socks

Socks are just socks, aren't they? It's not until you have actually used a pair designed for a specific activity that you realise having the right sock is as beneficial as wearing the right size shoe.

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Hydration Packs

Stay hydrated on the move with our extensive range of hydration packs.

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Insoles can help to make your feet feel more balanced and stable within your shoe, often helping to cut down the occurrence of common running-related injuries such as knee pain or blisters.

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Sports Drinks

We have a great selection of sports drinks which can really help boost your energy levels while you're on the go.

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Blister Kits

Whether you want to prevent blisters from forming or look after your feet having already suffered the pain...

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