3D Fit Padding:
Precise placement of foam in specific areas and a stitchless construction improves fit and comfort.
3D Prime:
Salomon ankle strap features a 3D construction method that matches the boot's tongues and creates an even, seamless contact, no matter how loose or tight you buckle them.
7075 Alloy:
Aluminium alloy with zinc. Strong, with good fatigue strength.


ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene):
Provides good shock absorbance.
An innovative lining that not only reflects heat but also converts solar energy into thermal power to keep you warm.
Lightweight, low profile performance fabric that wicks moisture away from the body and allows you to dry quickly when you sweat or when you get wet.
Salomon's synthetic insulation that mimics the loft properties of natural down but is still effective when wet.
Advantex Move:
Salomon's softshell fabric with 2-way stretch and 20,000mm / 20,000g/m2/24hrs waterproof and breathable performance. Also features an extra durable DWR* finish that's guaranteed to last for at least 3 seasons of use.
This antimicrobial coating inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria.
AgION fibres are constructed from silver ion technology and prevent odours clinging to your footwear.
Aircontact System:
Provides optimum back ventilation and comfort. Features stabiliser straps, contoured softly padded shoulder straps and an anatomic waist belt.
AirComfort System:
Prevents contact between your back and pack, allowing air and excess heat to escape.
AirComfort VariFlex System:
Combines AirComfort ventilation, clever frame construction and Vari Flex hip belt.
AirComfort Flexlite System:
Combines flexible twin frame construction, 3-sided ventilation and lightweight materials.
Vented back panel with mesh construction, tensioned disc and vertical struts provides effective air circulation.
A ventilated back system that provides comfort and freedom of movement.
Mesh made using a high performance yarn for breathable performance.
A nubbed foam back panel for comfort and breathability when carrying heavy loads.
A supportive and semi-flexible suspension system that positions the pack comfortably and provides ventilation.
Airvent Lite System:
Combines a stable back construction with lightweight padding. Uses airvent channels made of highly wicking materials for breathability and circulation.
Minimizes contact areas between pack and body for maximum breathability and airflow.
Performance fabric that wicks moisture exceptionally well, making it ideal for thermal layers.
ALS Lining:
Burton's Active Lining System utilizes different materials within the lining of a jacket to provide an engineered level of breathability, warmth and comfort.
Armour Weave:
Used in Aquapure’s Military Range, this extremely tough material is tear and puncture resistant.
Clips into a compatible Osprey pack to carry hydration vertically or across the top. Sleeping pad straps convert it into a hydration pack.
Atlas 7001 Pole System:
A lightweight durable pole system made using heat-treated 7001 alloy, cold forged connectors and special shock cord.
Atlas Scandium XL Pole System:
Dual diameter system made using strong scandium Aluminium resists high winds and heavy snow. Uses cold forged connectors and special shock cord with threaded aluminium tips. Narrow and light in the middle, wider at primary stress points.
In the unlikely event of being trapped in and avalanche, the AvaLung functions as an artificial air pocket through which air is taken directly from the surrounding snowpack. This air is directed to the user's mouthpiece via respiratory tubing. The exhaled air is redirected to a different part of the snowpack to minimize CO2 contamination. AvaLung allows you to breath under the snow, extending your critical survival time and making rescue more likely.
AXF Super DWR:
Repels water 5x longer than standard DWR’s - Beads-up water on fabric surfaces to stop it soaking into the fibres. Maintains breathability and shortens drying times.
Blends cotton and polyester for maximum toughness, strength and weather resistance.
Aztec HP:
Higher Polyester content for reduced weight. Still strong and water resistant.


A fibre with exceptional durability, which far exceeds the strength-to-weight ratio of other materials including fibreglass and steel! It is also proven to be non-toxic thus more environmentally sound.
Basecamp Fabric:
Provides durable performance, waterproofing and breathability. 6,000mm waterproof level. 6,000g breathability rating.
Bathtub floor:
A tent floor construction, which curves up around the sides to keep seams off the ground.
Bioform CM Hipbelt:
Stabilises your pack and distributes weight more effectively. Can be heat moulded for a perfect fit.


Carbon Array:
Ride's power distribution technology enhances rider response by channelling rider input to the opposing contact point. Carbon strips running from underneath the bindings to the 4 contact points of the board provide more stability at speed, and more response through the turn. Available with 3, 5 and 7 rays.
Carbon I-Beam:
Burton's ultra-light carbon backbone gives the board added longitudinal snap for enhanced riding enjoyment.
Carbon Vaporskin:
This minimized topsheet membrane found in Burton's top level boards, is a lively carbon blend that reduces weight and magnifies feel and response.
Channel System:
Offers the ultimate bond between board and binding. Compatible with any Burton binding, this simple channel lets you fine-tune your stance width with mm micro-adjustability, then dial in your toe-to-heel centring, while rotating your angles.
Chromium-Molybdenum steel isn’t as light as Aluminium alloys, but has high tensile strength and malleability.
Cleave Edge:
Uses nearly 50% more steel than regular edges, delivering unmatched resistance to edge cracking. They can also be detuned to a larger radii.
Dynamic ventilation technology for eyewear (made up of the specially engineered vents on the pad) allows for air to be directed in a way that does not disturb the eyesight but manages moisture and prevents fogging providing a more comfortable wear throughout.
Salomon's proprietary outer fabric offers waterproofing and breathability:
10,000mm waterproof performance / 10,000g/m2/24hrs breathability.
ClimaPRO Soft Shell:
Provides an amazing comfort and motion fit thanks to its great stretch properties, full waterproofness and high breathability.
ClimaPRO Storm:
Fabric used on technical jackets and pants with exceptional waterproof ness (20,000mm) and breathability (15,000 gm/m2/24hrs) and great protection in the toughest of conditions.
Climashield Prism:
A soft resilient synthetic fill that keeps temperature well when wet.
Climset Satin Stretch:
Highly abrasion resistant 2-layer fabric that has a long lasting DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment, a PU coating, four way stretch properties that offer greater freedom of movement, and a satin effect finish that looks and feels fabulous. Waterproof level 10,000mm, breathability 10,000mm
Climset Stretch:
Highly abrasion resistant 2-layer fabric that has a long lasting DWR (Durable Water Repellent) treatment, a PU coating and four way stretch properties that offer greater freedom of movement. Waterproof level 15,000mm, breathability 10,000mm.
Waterproof/breathable membrane that draws moisture and vapour away from the body.
Conduit FR:
Breathable and fire retardant fabric w/PU coating and DWR* finish.
Conduit SL:
Exterior DWR coating provides water protection, inner membrane resists water and wind.
The fastest drying fabric, moves moisture instantaneously from the body to the fabric's outer surface where it evaporates.
An abrasion-resistant fabric used as reinforcement in areas of high wear and tear.
Critical Taped Seams/Critically Seam Sealed:
The main seams of the garment are taped with a high quality waterproof band in the critical areas.


Provides soft and flexible freedom of movement but on impact the molecules react and stiffen to provide superior impact protection.
DAC Featherlite Poles:
Strong, lightweight, reliable and up to 15% lighter than comparable Aluminium poles.
An insect repellent chemical applied to skin or clothes that protects against insect bites. Used in concentrations up to 100%, high concentration lasts longest.
Defender Bi-Stretch Pro:
Eider's own fabric is 100% windproof, breathable and waterproof , has a 4-way stretch for mobility, and is resistant to tears and abrasion. 20,000mm waterproof level and 20,000g breathability rating.
Defender Fancy:
Eider's exclusive lightweight water resistant and breathable fabric. 5,000mm waterproof level and 5,000g breathability rating.
Defender RC Pro:
Eider's high performance fabric that is very flexible with a cotton-like feel. 20,000mm waterproof level and 20,000g breathability rating.
Defender Streaked Expert:
A durable fabric that provides good water repellence. 8,000mm waterproof level and 8,000g breathability rating.
Defender Stretch Expert:
Eider's construction fabric that is flexible, stretchy, abrasion resistant and comfortable. 30,000mm waterproof level and 20,000g breathability rating.
Defender Weave:
A great looking fabric with good waterproofing and breathability, as well as flexible comfort thanks to its stretch properties. It also transfers moisture from inside to out efficiently. 10,000mm waterproof level and 5,000g breathability rating
Has exceptionally high resistance to water pressure, creating intense waterproof protection. It is a smart fabric that responds to the temperature created between the body and clothing, adjusting according to the exertion level. 20,000mm waterproof level and 10,000g breathability rating.
Dermizax EV:
A membrane material that has exceptionally high resistance to water pressure, creating intense waterproof protection. It also has a smart non-porous membrane that provides outstanding breathability. 20,000mm waterproof level, 20,000g breathability rating.
Dermizax EV Expert Stretch:
Has exceptionally high resistance to water pressure, creating intense waterproof protection. It also has a smart non-porous membrane that provides outstanding breathability. Highly durable, it also promotes greater mobility thanks to its stretch properties. 20,000mm waterproof level, 20,000g breathability rating.
Triple-layer insulation that seals in extra warmth.
A durable non-porous membrane that is lightweight and flexible. It is also waterproof, windproof and breathable.
Dobby 4-way Stretch:
Extremely durable and flexible fabric that provides very high levels of water resistance and breathability. 20,000mm waterproof level, 10,000gm breathability rating.
DragonFly Core:
Burton's wood core incorporates over 500 independent laminations, each individually oriented within the core, to create one of the lightest, strongest and liveliest wood core's there is.
Drilite Extreme:
A serious fabric with optimal breathable waterproofing and protection benefits.
DRYRIDE Durashell 2-layer:
Burton's new fabrication technology features a waterproof/breathable membrane laminated to the backside of a DWR* finished outer face fabric for ultimate comfort.
DRYRIDE Ultrawick:
Highly breathable and fast-wicking fabrics developed with maximum stretch, Softlock seams for a chafe-free ride and a stink-proof antimicrobial finish to keep you feeling fresher for longer.
Dry W.E.B Fabric:
Spyder's base layer fabric with strong wicking properties. Treated with an anti-microbial, non-pill finish, this fabric resists odour-causing bacteria.
Dual Progressive Sidecut:
A mistake friendly, fun and forgiving sidecut, which allows for more consistent riding in all situations for any level of rider.
DWR (Durable Water Repellent):
A DWR fabric will bead-up water on its surface to stop it soaking into the fibres. This maintains breathability and shortens drying times.
A strong polyethylene fibre that on a weight-for-weight basis is up to 15x stronger than steel. Extremely durable and resistant to moisture, UV light and chemicals.


EPS (Expanded PolyStyrene):
Expanded polystyrene is produced from a mixture of about 90-95% polystyrene and 5-10% gaseous blowing agent, most commonly pentane or carbon dioxide[4]. The solid plastic is expanded into a foam through the use of heat, usually steam.
Closure system ensures tension is drawn along the top and bottom of the hip belt using split support wings.
Replaces the baseplate with a super-cushioned removable pad and a single screw mounting system for ultra-adjustable stance angles and the closest, most comfortable board-to-binding connection. Only used with the Channel System*.
EST Midsole:
Provides the ideal connection between your boot and Burton's EST bindings for greater response and comfort.
Ethylene Vinyl Acetate, a polymer used to absorb physical shock. Used in athletic materials.
eVENT 2-layer fabric:
Has an outer face fabric and eVent membrane. The face fabric is light, breathable and soft, while the membrane allows perspiration to dissipate and vent.
Evolution Tension Arch:
Panels of low-stretch fabric along the pole connection arcs reinforce the pole structure and stabilize the tent.
EX3 triple layer protection:
3-layer fabric treatment. 1st layer is antibacterial and prevents odour build up and bacteria degredation, 2nd repels mosquitoes, 3rd protects against bed bugs. Lasts for 2 years or 35 washes.
Exo 10/12 Carbon Fibre Technology:
Either 12 or 10 strings of carbon fibre are mechanically applied to the length of the ski pole shaft. This provides durable, lightweight strength.
Flexible, load-bearing suspension system used with multi-sport packs.
DC fabric that is exceptionally resistant to heavy weather conditions, while remaining breathable. Because water molecules are smaller than air molecules Exotex allows perspiration to escape while trapping essential body heat.


Fascia Band:
Enhances structural integrity and converts the shoe into a rigid propulsive lever.
Insulation that guarantees warmth, comfort and expels moisture.
A high performance wicking knit fabric that ensures maximum comfort and dryness. Its brushed inner side traps air to keep you warm without the bulk of conventional insulating fabrics. 4-way stretch ensures a snug body fit and easy, unrestricted movement. Tight knitting construction protects you from wind chill, and high breathability allows air circulation within the fabric.
A camming mechanism that squeezes the pole shafts together creating an extremely strong joint. Poles can be operated and the length changed while wearing gloves using the locking tab.
Free Motion Technology:
A concept based on the most innovative stretch fabrics with outstanding performance in terms of elasticity, light weight and breathability. It delivers maximum freedom of movement, the perfect fit and excellent comfort.
Fully Taped Seams/Fully seam sealed:
Unlike critical taped seams every single seam is taped with a high quality waterproof band.


Green Initiatives For Tomorrow. Salomon/Bonfire initiative that takes people's trash and turns it into a variety of fabrics and insulation. It also uses more sustainable materials in the construction of equipment.
Golden Fleece Laminate:
Lib Tech laminate uses Golden Fleece Basalt instead of fibreglass. Made of molten lava imported from Russia, it is less toxic and 92% stronger than conventional fibreglass laminates.
Minimizes seam tape in critical zones, reducing the product's overall weight and bulk while increasing the breathable surface area.
GORE'S extremely waterproof and durable membrane is laminated onto fabrics and used to deliver exceptional waterproofing and breathability.
GORE-TEX Paclite:
High performance, lightweight, packable, durable, waterproof, and breathable.
GORE-TEX Performance Shell:
Designed to provide comfort and durable waterproof protection, GORE-TEX Performance Shells are ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities
GORE-TEX Pro Shell:
Engineered with the most rugged, most breathable fabrics for extended and extreme conditions, GORE-TEX Pro Shells meet the demands of outdoor professionals and serious enthusiasts.
GORE-TEX Respiration Positive:
A durable, waterproof and windproof barrier created specifically for sleep systems. Vapour and gas permeable.
GORE-TEX Soft Shell:
Fabric designed for reduced layering and improved freedom of movement in colder conditions, it has a soft feel snow-shedding outer face and a moisture wicking inner face. Micro seams reduce bulk and weight, while laminated construction enhances durability and suppleness.
Are the lightest, most packable products offering total windproofness, maximum breathability and water resistance. WINDSTOPPER Active Shells keep you comfortable for enhanced performance during highly aerobic activities.
GORE-TEX with XCR Product Technology:
Durable waterproof and very breathable laminated fabric. GORE-TEX XCR (extended comfort range) offers 25% more breathability than classic GORE-TEX.
Products made with earth-friendly materials like organic cotton, fleece made from recycled bottles and recycled hardware. Sustainable resources that flaunt your eco style.
GSb (Grivel Scarpa binding):
Lets you attach Grivel crampons to Scarpa boots. Faster, easier and safer than conventional crampon/boot systems.


K2's uniquely formulated synthetic compound dampens the specific target vibrations for each product. The smooth ride reduces rider fatigue and enhances overall rider performance.
HDPE (High Density PolyEthylene):
A recycled thermoplastic made from petroleum. Has a high tensile strength and is resistant to high temperatures and many different solvents.
Healthguard Ax:
Antibacterial treatment puts a protective layer onto the fibres within the fabric to protect against the build up of bacteria and degradation of fabric. Treatment lasts up to 35 washes or 2yrs based on a 40° non-biological wash.
Heatseeker Eco:
A high- performing insulation made of 100% recycled polyester fibres. Highly compressible with a great warmth-to-weight ratio, it's extremely resilient, water repellent and hypo-allergenic.
The North Face's proprietary synthetic insulation, which offers durability, easy compressibility and a great warmth-to-weight ratio.
Helly Tech:
Provides both waterproofing and breathability to high levels. 5,000mm waterproof level and 5,000g breathability rating.
Helly Tech XP:
Engineered for use in demanding conditions, it is ideal at providing protection in cold, windy and wet weather. 15,000mm waterproof level and 15,000g breathability rating.
A Peak Performance material tested in the field by professional athletes that is optimally suited to both purpose and design.
Hipora is a breathable fabric that consists of a three-layer microporous coating structure, which provides water resistance and moisture permeability for optimal comfort.
High Road Chassis:
Allows a bag to be a backpack and a rolling piece of luggage.
Oversized, offset-D carabiners that allow more to be hooked on, and are used for munter hitch belays. The munter hitch knot is known as HMS, the German term Halbmastwurfsicherung, meaning 'half mast hitch belay'.
Hybrid Glass:
Ride's stitched triax glass with Aramid and Carbon 90º fibres is ultra lightweight, flatter, consistent and stronger with no gaps or stretching as you get in woven glass.
This construction tapers the core to the nose and the tail to reduce swing weight, making it easier to spin.
A cap tip and tail are blended into the sidewall along the running surface, providing low swing weight, optimized turn initiation at the ends, durability and dampening on the running surface.
Synthetic rubber that is resistant to chemicals, temperature extremes and UV light.
Hyper Progressive Sidecut:
Allows for ultra fine adjustment at any speed and in any conditions. An infinite number of different radii are blended together from mellow in the tips to more aggressive in the centre. This mellows out the transitions for a more predictable ride.
A waterproof and breathable fabric with a PU (polyurethane) coating that consists of a multilayer formula for waterproof protection, moisture permeability and durability.


ICG (Integrated Carbon Glass):
K2 have integrated carbon strips into the fibreglass reducing overall weight, creating a super smooth release of power and increasing pop and liveliness. ICG 10 for freeride – ICG 30 for freestyle.
IsoForm CM Hipbelt:
Can be heat-moulded to your exact shape. Features Osprey’s ErgoPull closure.


Beautiful fabric with a high waterproof and breathability rating. It is also exceptionally tear resistant as well as abrasion resistant. 20,000mm waterproof level, 10,000g breathability level.
Jib Rocker:
Replaces camber with rocker, helping the board rise to the surface of the snow while maintaining a centred stance. The Jib Rocker has a non-edge catching feel with a loose buttery feel, ideal for the park.


See Schoeller Keprotec.
Lightweight tent fabric with a remarkably strong resistance to tearing.
A very tough PA (PolyAmide) fibre that is highly resistant to rips and tears and used to reinforce areas of high wear.
Kevlar Matrix:
A mix of Kevlar and Cordura that is 30% lighter and stronger than standard Cordura.
Kinetic Core Construction:
Uses tri-laminate liquid crystal polymer technology to distribute the load evenly throughout the harness’s entire structure, removing the need for thick foam padding and making a sleeker, lighter more comfortable harness.
A lightweight and highly abrasion-resistant construction material.


Allows quick and easy attachment of helmet.
A fabric that hates water! It retains 40 times less water than polyester and is 40% lighter and has a 60% better insulation-to-weight ratio than polyester. It also has natural anti-bacterial properties, is 100% non-allergic and 100% recyclable.
Lifa T3:
This fabric mimics the fur of polar bears. It has a soft skin feel and features a synthetic hollow core construction that traps heated air inside. It also moves moisture at the same time as it insulates.
Links a Burton jacket to a Burton pant for a 100% snow-proof seal. Available on Winter 09 onwards products only.
Load Transfer Disc:
A disc at the bottom of the pack allows the weight to shift as you move aiding stability.
A durable non-woven simulation leather fabric with a PU treatment.
The most famous brand name associated with spandex. A synthetic fibre known for its exceptional elasticity, it is stronger and more durable than rubber.


Magne Traction:
Conventional skis and snowboards have two contact points, Magne-Traction boards have seven. When your two outside contact points lose grip, you've still got five more to take over. You won't fall as much. Rides like a skateboard. Control and turn initiation come from under your feet, not a foot and a half to either side of your feet. Better edge hold.
Merino Wool:
Wool from Merino sheep that provides good insulation, durability, odour resistance and moisture control. Soft and itch-free, it is ideal for base layer garments.
Meryl Actisystem:
Ultra-breathable and fast drying fabrics that possess excellent moisture management properties and quickly wick moisture away from the body to maintain the natural balance of body comfort. Also extremely lightweight with elasticity properties for great comfort and freedom of movement, and strong and durable.
Meryl SkinLife:
A warming and soft fabric that is stretchable and contains silver fibres that help to neutralise odours.
Antimicrobial protection that inhibits the growth of odour-causing bacteria, mould and mildew increasing an items life.
Microfibre insulation with similar performance to down.
MicroTemp XF II:
Extra soft microfibre insulator with similar performance to down.


Easy-to-use durable hydration system that is taste-free and prevents bacterial build up.
A purified form of car fuel with a low vapour pressure and flash point.
Naturaloft gloves are insulated with 550 fill power goose down on the back of the hand. The down is isolated in small chambers so there is no fill migration, which ensures even distribution of the goose down and the ultimate in insulation performance.
Negative Core Profile:
Thinner sections between the bindings in the core deliver softer flex and torsion.
A synthetic rubber that, when used as a cover, protects the contents while allowing a snug and flexible fit.
N.V.I.S Back Panel:
Has an integrated reservoir compartment for convenient access and a stable centre of gravity, as well as a multi-directional ventilation system for comfort and performance.


OMEGA Hydrotanium Reservoir:
Easy to fill/clean, durable and taste free with a huge access port for easy filling and cleaning. Features HydroGuard Anti-Microbial Technology that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria.
Columbia's own waterproof, breathable and seam sealed fabric. Its microporous membrane stops water from penetrating the fabric, yet allows moisture to escape so you stay dry.
Outlast Technology:
Thermal regulator absorbs/releases heat for maximum warmth without overheating.


A common synthetic chemical, widely used as an insect repellent.
Trade name for a range of high quality, tightly woven nylon microfibre fabrics used for sleeping bags, down clothing and lightweight windproof garments.
Pertex Endurance:
Designed to keep down insulation dry ensuring maximum warmth. Micro-porous coating improves water resistance without affecting breathability.
Pertex Microlight:
A high tenacity ripstop weave that is lightweight, down proof and fibre proof.
Pertex Quantum:
The lightest fabric made by Pertex, it has an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio and a small packing volume. It offers some weather protection and has a soft hand feel that provides comfort and maximum loft for insulated items.
Pertex Shield:
Provides the perfect balance of breathability and wind/water repellency with flexibility and a lightweight construction.
PolyEthylene Terephthalate.
Polarloft Micro:
Advanced synthetic insulation made from a combination of 3D long filament fibres and micro fibres. Gives excellent warmth-to-weight performance and small pack size.
Polartec/Polartec Classic 100:
A breathable, durable and quick-drying fleece fabric that provides exceptional low bulk and lightweight warmth.
Polartec Classic 200:
Built to provide exceptional warmth without excessive bulk or weight. It is breathable, durable and quick drying. Has a heavier weight than Polartec 100 for added warmth.
Polartec Power Dry:
A stretchy, warm, breathable, compressible, and fast-drying fabric.
Polartec Power Stretch:
A 4-way insulating stretch fabric that allows for excellent athletic movement and great breathability to maintain comfort levels. It comes with Hardface technology for long lasting abrasion resistance.
Polair RSP:
A strong, lightweight ripstop polyester that is colour fast, fibreproof and durable.
An easily washable Poly cotton lining that provides comfort and warmth.
Polyamide Meryl:
A synthetic fibre, soft and velvety to the touch. It has good thermal insulating properties due to its high air absorbing capacity, and is durable and quick drying.
Pop Stix:
Flat pre-cured ribs of carbon add pop without stiffness.
Poles made from the highest grade of fibreglass. Finished to give smooth and snag-free travel through pole sleeves and eyelets.
Powerlite (7001-T6 Alloy):
Alloy poles made with precision and strength, flexible and corrosion resistant.
Powder Fly Core:
Has a more resilient, lighter-weight nose that when combined with the board's tapered shape and set-back stance, promotes float and eliminates rear leg burn when riding powder.
Pressure Distribution Edges (PDE):
The edges beneath the binding area extend out by half a millimetre for tremendous edge hold on icy hard pack.
Uses the finest microfibres to provide the touch and warmth of down yet is outstandingly water repellent. It also keeps you warm even in wet weather and dries more quickly than down. Breathable and windproof, it packs down small for ease of transport.
Primaloft Eco:
Uses fibres made from a minimum 50% recycled materials in combination with standard Primaloft fibres to create a high loft, performance insulation that is warm, lightweight, water resistant and soft.
PrimaLoft One:
The ultimate microfibre insulation, it has one of the highest warmth-to-weight ratios of any synthetic insulation. Ultra fine fibres are specially treated and then combined into an insulating core that is incredibly soft, lightweight and water resistant.
PrimaLoft Sport:
The perfect combination of high performance insulation and value. This technology combines ultra-fine and multi-diameter fibres for specific performance characteristics. The specially treated ultra-fine fibres help to form a water resistant insulating structure, while the multi-diameter fibres help to build loft.
Protex 2000/3000:
Tough PU coated fabric with superb waterproof performance, good UV resistance and exceptional colour fastness.
Pro Tip and Tail:
A Burton first. Tapering the thickness of the tip and tail dramatically reduces swing weight and improves float in powder.
PU (PolyUrethane):
Improves waterproofing, breathability and durability.


Quiktech 3K/5K/10K:
Technical Quiksilver fabric with either 3000/5000/10,000mm waterproof rating and 3000/5000/10,000g breathability level.


A reflector that is discreetly placed in a piece of clothing. It forms the passive element of an avalanche search system and enables the fast location of avalanche victims. Recco is currently being used by rescue organisations in more than 440 ski resorts all over the world.
Designed for comfortable load bearing, this system is strong, durable and flexible for consistent performance.
Riri AQUAzip:
A water-resistant film is laminated to the zipper tape, then each tooth is bonded directly to the zipper tape with every half tooth offset creating a shingle effect that locks out wind and water. The zipper slider rides right on the teeth for smoother operation and increased durability.
Riser Groundsheet:
Completes the seal between the ground and the flysheet for a bug and wind-free inner tent.
Rocker Banana:
Traditional board camber curves the base between your feet off the snow, but with rocker banana the board lies flat and pressure is applied inward to the edge area at and between your feet as your weight presses out the rocker.
Royal Rubber Construction:
Soft rubber blocks are inserted into the sidewalls in high pressure zones to smoothen edge contact like no other construction.


Schoeller Dynamic:
Super durable stretch woven textile with a tough, DWR* treated outer face that provides excellent abrasion resistance, water shedding, good elasticity, moisture management, breathability and comfort.
Schoeller Dynatec:
Reinforcement fabric that offers extreme resistance to scuffing and damage caused by edges. It is also functional, waterproof and windproof. 20,000mm waterproof level, 8,000g breathability rating.
Schoeller Keprotec:
Made with reinforced Kevlar fibres, it is extremely resistant to cuts and abrasions, as well as oil, water and general dirt.
Schoeller PCM:
Highly technical lining material, PCM (Phase Change Material) is an active warmth storer. Microscopically tiny balls of wax in the fabric store body warmth and release it when the temperature drops, ensuring you are never too hot or too cold.
Schoeller Soft Shell:
Comfortable fabric with a soft inner layer and an extremely hard-wearing outer layer that provides the optimal balance of comfort, air permeability, wind and water resistance.
Shadowlite SL:
Lightweight and downproof fabric with a DWR* finish.
Shark’s Toe:
The upper part of the sleeping bag is 5cm longer than the lower, allowing your feet to relax in a naturally comfortable position.
A very light and flexible fabric that provides excellent thermal insulation, as well as exceptional comfort and softness. It is also abrasion and pilling resistant for improved garment longevity
Slimewall Sidewalls:
Skate-inspired Urethane sidewalls are forgiving and ductile, absorbing impacts for extra smooth riding and durability. Offered in 85A and 90A durameter urethane.
Smart Skin:
Salomon's construction technique of using a combination of fabrics in strategic areas to produce a more efficient, higher performance garment.
Salomon's performance interface offers maximum performance for the widest skis. It optimizes ski flex from tip-to-tail, providing consistent and balanced pressure distribution thus improving edge grip and acceleration.
Speed Adjust Buckle:
Lightweight, Aluminium buckles that are pre-threaded for a quick secure one-handed on/off.
A DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish applied to the fabric exterior that prevents it absorbing surface moisture. It has a DWR of 80% after 20 washes and also guards against water and oil-based stains.
A DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish applied to the fabric exterior that prevents it absorbing surface moisture. It has a DWR of 80% after 50 washes and also guards against water and oil-based stains.
Stealth C4:
A rubber sole favoured by many top climbers that provides excellent edging and high friction.
Stealth S1:
Durable high-friction rubber absorbs far more shock than traditional rubber outsoles.
Stealth ONYXX:
Twice as durable as other climbing rubber, with 25% more friction. Combines hardness for precision edging and stickiness for friction.
Summit Fabric:
Outstanding performance fabric favoured by many Westbeach pro's because they stand the test of time again and again. 10,000mm waterproof level, 10,000g breathability rating.
Supercharged X-pulsion:
Has X-shaped outside fibres that create a larger surface for ultra quick drying. Thicker Lifa fibres inside and thinner polyester fibres outside create a mechanical pull of moisture.
An exceptionally tough 600D Polyester fabric with a resin coated raised hexagonal surface and a DWR* finish.
SuperFly Core:
Hard and soft woods are combined in a sandwich construction for lighter weight, improved snap and better response.
Super Fly II Core:
placing stronger and lighter wood in specific areas of the core provides snap, strength, and reduced weight for optimum feel and response.
Suunto Coach:
Software that creates a snapshot of your aerobic condition and makes an intelligent plan for improving it.


A thin lustrous plain weave fabric that gives the inside of a garment a luxurious hand feel.
TBS II (Tension Band System):
Creates an internal bracing system for each hoop. Provides greater strength and stability in bad weather.
TFX (Torso Fit Xpedition) Pack Systems:
Allows the packs back length to be altered and, when combined with other design features, ensures comfort and stability.
Low bulk synthetic insulation material.
Spyder's own ultra-warm, high-loft synthetic insulation that contains polyester fibres, which trap and hold body heat.
Thermic Micro:
Insulation made from a combination of hollow and solid staple fibres that provides excellent loft, durability, softness and compression.
Provides warmth and comfort without weight, even when wet. The fabric is made using hollow-core fibres that trap air for greater insulation. It is extremely quick-drying.
A mid-loft synthetic insulation made from a combination of solid-core polyester fibers and hollow Quallofil fibers. Used where high-loft fills are too bulky and low-loft fills aren't warm enough.
Lightweight, low-bulk insulation whose soft, flexible fibres conform to your body for maximum comfort, warmth and freedom of movement.
Thermo Stretch:
Provides warmth, but also has 2-way stretch properties for greater freedom of movement thanks to the use of a bit of Spandex. It is also highly breathable and transfers moisture efficiently to the outside of the fabric.
Thermulate NP:
E+O's proprietary synthetic insulation, which is compressed to make it non-bulky, helping to maintain a clean fit.
Thermulate FC:
E+O's insulation has a soft feel and a high thermal efficiency. It has been compressed to make it non-bulky, helping to maintain a clean fit.
A highly effective synthetic insulation, it provides one and a half times the warmth of natural down and functions even when wet. Combines active breathing with minimal weight and maximum freedom of movement.
Thinsulate Flex:
Insulation that offers stretch and warmth without bulk. It stretches 40% in all directions and recovers without wrinkling or tearing.
Thinsulate Micro:
Lightweight low-bulk version of regular Thinsulate, a highly effective synthetic insulation, it provides one and a half times the warmth of natural down and functions even when wet. Combines active breathing with minimal weight and maximum freedom of movement..
Thinsulate Supreme:
This insulation features a special fibre coating that gives it a soft, silky, luxurious feel. Its excellent drape characteristics provide better fit, and it is warm even when wet, as well as highly breathable.
TKA Fleece:
A high performance microfibre fleece with a luxurious finish, TKA provides lightweight warmth and is engineered to be durable and non-bulky. It offers warmth when wet, launders well and packs easily.
TKA 200 Fleece:
A mid-weight high performance fleece that works perfectly as a mid-layer. A pill-resistant fabric, it is warm and breathable with an excellent warmth-to-weight ratio.
TPE (ThermoPlastic Elastomers):
Extremely tough and waterproof, yet flexible.
TPU (ThermoPlastic PolyUrethane):
Tough and durable, and provides a waterproof coating for fabrics.
TPR Footbed:
Features an overmoulded TPR support cage, integrated 3-arch support design, anatomically placed dual density metatarsal and heel impact relief pads and antimicrobial footbed liner.
Training Effect:
Shows the degree to which an individual workout improves your aerobic fitness, it also tells you the quantifiable results of your workout.
Travel Sentry:
Recognised and accepted by the Transport Security Administration (TSA) in all US commercial airports. The logo alerts TSA agents that they can open and close your lock using codes and secured tools.
Triax Response Fibreglass:
Versatile flex and response for all-mountain riding.
A thin fabric that is either knitted or resembles knitting, provides extra padding.
Trigger S Safety Release Safety System:
Leki's pole safety system works by allowing the strap to be clicked into the handle of your pole so that should your wrist get caught up during a fall, the strap will disconnect automatically, much like a ski binding.
Ensures that you can taste what’s inside a bottle rather than the bottle itself.
TSM (Thermal Sensitive Memory):
Exclusive to E+O, this revolutionary technology combines all the traditional parameters of a performance lamination with the additional ability to vary the level of water resistance or breathability depending on the ambient conditions. This temperature sensitivity allows the fabric to become either more waterproof, or more breathable depending on your level of activity and the external temperature.
TSM Stretch (Thermal Sensitive Memory):
E+O's laminated shell fabric actively repels water and wind thanks to its DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish, and is designed to be durable, comfortable and soft. In addition, it is exceptionally breathable and draws moisture and heat away from your body and out through the shell, while 4-way stretch promotes greater freedom of movement. The lamination automatically reacts to changes in ambient conditions and your body state. Variations in temperature trigger TSM to boost water resistance or breathability.
TSS (Thermal Shelter System):
Vans TSS uses a synthetic insulation that is lightweight, soft and provides superior warmth-to-weight-ratio. It is also moisture-resistant, highly compressible and extremely durable.
Twilight Plain 4-way Stretch:
Exceptionally water resistant and breathable fabric that also has outstanding tear and abrasion resistance, and superb flexibility. 20,000mm waterproof level, 15,000g breathability rating.


The Union Internationale des Associations d'Alpinisme, (International Climbing and Mountaineering Organisation) represents several million mountaineers and climbers world-wide.
Columbia's lining material which is exceptionally moisture wicking to enhance the breathability of your jacket or pant.


Vansguard 5:
Waterproof, breathable technology keeps you dry and warm by protecting against water and wind. A microporous coating allows perspiration to evaporate. 5,000mm waterproof level, 5,000g breathability rating.
Vansguard 10:
Vans waterproof, breathable fabric technology has a micrporous coating that protects against water-based elements and wind but releases perspiration and lets it evaporate quickly. The fabric adapts to changing conditions keeping you warm and dry. 10,000mm waterproof level, 10,000g breathability rating.
Venturi Stretch:
Schoffel's own construction fabric with exceptional levels of waterproofing, breathability and durability.
This mesh back panel keeps your back cool and comfortable by allowing air to circulate.


This compact and lightweight synthetic insulation has been developed by Helly Hansen to ensure warmth in the mountains.
A hard shell fabric treated with a DWR* finish on the surface, while the backside of the fabric is treated with another water resistant and breathable coating that lets perspiration out and keeps moisture from penetrating inward.
The quick and efficient transfer of moisture from the skin to the outer layer of a garment where it evaporates.
Offers total windproofness with maximum breathability, combining the comfort of a soft mid-layer and the water resistance of a shell in one garment. Keeps you comfortable with the freedom of movement you need for enhanced performance in a wide range of activities and weather conditions.
Wrapture Lining:
Burton system engineered to work with your body by utilizing materials in different areas to provide the perfect amount of breathability, warmth and comfort. Internal pockets are also strategically placed so that you don't store your stuff on the contours of your body.
Combines Merino* or tough wool yarns with Coolmax* or Isofill insulation.


Silver fibre is added to the fibre to eliminate odour, radiate stored heat in cold weather or while resting and to conduct heat away during hot weather or periods of high activity.
Spyder coating penetrates the fabric in such a way that it forms a honeycomb structure with billions of micropores. The pores are too small for water droplets to penetrate (making it waterproof) but large enough to allow interior moisture vapor through (making it breathable).
An ultra-thin membrane that delivers superior waterproofness and breathability. This "thin" technology results in pliable fabrics that are lightweight yet durable. XT.L benefits include stretch recovery, which maintains the integrity of the fabric after seasons of hard-core use.


A nylon derived polymer used for its high strength, abrasion resistance and impact resistance.