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Climbing is more popular now than it has ever been, and has become so varied that it appeals to everyone regardless of ability or experience.

Whether you’re planning on tackling a demanding ice covered peak in the Andes, soaking up the sun on Spanish rock, or just plucking up the courage to visit your local climbing wall for the first time, this guide will help you through the latest offerings from the most recognised brands in the world of climbing.

The gear you buy will depend on the style of climbing that you choose to undertake. For clarity we have summarised a few different aspects of the sport.

Most newcomers to the sport will try their hand at indoor gym climbing, where an initial purchase of shoes, a harness, belay device plus carabiner, and chalk will see you ready to tackle most climbs there.

Blasting up ‘sports’ routes, enables climbers to push their limits in a relatively safe environment and is the natural progression from indoor walls. The use of bolts that are already in place in the rock means minimal equipment is required.

What is known as ‘trad’ climbing involves the climber jamming or wedging various metal objects or ‘protection’ into natural cracks in the rock. These can be passive (rocks, nuts, IMP’s) or dynamic (cams). This style of climbing can be rather gear intensive but it does allow climbers the freedom to choose their route up a particular cliff or mountainside.

In order to learn the skills or knowledge required to remain safe, or if you are unsure at all about the use of any of the equipment in this section, we would advise that you seek qualified professional instruction.

For your personal safety and assurance, climbing equipment is non-returnable unless found to be faulty.


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