K2 have now turned 50 and continue to produce top quality skis and snowboards.

K2 Skis have a pedigree un-matched. from the Holiday and Pontoon to the mondern day, they continue to produce innovative and responsive skis. This year is no exception with the AMP Charger, Hardside and Miss Demeanor amongst many others. check out the range below to find the one suited to your skiing style.

K2 have pioneered Snowboard development for almost 25 years, driving technical innovation and improving snowboard design year on year. This year K2 introduce new models such as the Lifelike snowboard, and new technologies like the Ollie bar in the K2 Slayblade snowboard. With a menu of Rocker Profiles for every style of riding, K2 build snowboard equipment for everyone from aspiring first timer, schooled freestyler or powder junkie.